Pan-/epidemic as a factor of transformations of practices on the Ukrainian labor market (on the example of Kharkov youth)


  • Alexander Golikov V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University



pandemic, labor practices, online polls, youth, Kharkiv, perception


The article examines the impact of pan-/epidemic on transformation processes of practices in the Ukrainian labor market. For this purpose, the youth of one of the largest Ukrainian cities was chosen as an empirical case. The author offers an analysis of the results of a pilot quantitative study using an online survey. This study analyzes the phenomenal and procedural aspects of young people’s labor practices in Kharkov in a pan-/epidemic situation. Changes in labor status, problems arising from the pan-/epidemic situation, perception of the processes of change in the labor market are in the center of attention of the author of the paper. In particular, as a result of the use of a cascade of methods of analysis (factorial and cluster), three groups of respondents (idealists, pragmatists, materialist-professionals) are distinguished, which are studied in detail in terms of their characteristics. Conclusions are offered on the structures and potential trends of change, on the specifics of the transformation of practices in the labor market of Ukrainian cities (on the example of Kharkov), as well as on potential risk groups in terms of possible migratory attitudes and orientations.