Ethical Principles

When submitting the paper and a signed copyright declaration form to the Editors:

  • Author formally declares his or her authorship and indicates the source of funding. 
  • The submission of one’s paper and the above declaration also implies that the Author’s copyright is granted voluntarily (free of charge) to the journal for publishing this paper online and in print, whereas the Editors declare to make effort of promoting the journal contents and archiving it in the allied repositories, indexing databases, and the relevant websites supporting the journal’s activity.
  • In case of co-authorship, co-operation or any form of engagement of other subjects in the manuscript preparation (including the assumptions, objectives, topic range, selection of methods, translation, etc.), the submitting Author is obliged to report it and insert a suitable acknowledgement or reference (preferably, specifying contribution of each author in percentages).

Thus, the Editors actively seek to prevent any unfair, biased and unethical practices, such as ghostwriting, guest writing, and plagiarism by consulting the online databases and anti-plagiarism scanning. All detected cases of unreliability and dishonesty will result in notification of the relevant subjects (i.e. academic institution employing the Author, scientific societies, editors of other journals, etc.).