Author guidelines

Author guidelines

This periodical adheres to the APA bibliographical style.

Articles may be submitted in Polish, Russian, English languages.

Structure of the text

  1. General
    • Name and surname of author(s) (font: Times New Roman, bold, 12 point)
    • Title of the article (TNR, bold italic, 12 point, centred)
    • Abstract, 100-200 words, both in the language of the article and in English (TNR, regular, 12 point)
    • Key words, 5-10 words (TNR, regular, 12 point),
    • Main text of the article (see 2. below)
    • Bibliography.

The name and surname of the author, the title, abstract and key words should be provided in both the language of the article and in English. If the article is in English, only an English abstract is required.

  1. Main text 
    • The text should amount to 18 000 characters including spaces 
    • The article should be written in Word for Windows in the format name.rtf, name.doc or name.docx
    • Margins should be set to 2 cm left and right, top and bottom
    • Font should be Times New Roman, regular, 12 point, line spacing 1.5 
    • Titles of tables and drawings should be in Times New Roman, regular, 12 point, placed above graphical objects
    • The bibliography should be placed at the end of the article in alphabetical order, font Times New Roman, regular, 12 point.

For example:
Sztompka, P. (2002). Socjologia. Krakow: Znak.
Jankiewicz, A. (1990). O emocjach inaczej. W: P. Kowalski (red.), Emocje i motywacje (t. 3, s. 235 – 302). Warszawa: PWN.
Nowak, K. (1998). Zazdrosc w relacjach partnerskich. Czasopismo Psychologiczne, 41(2), 143 – 159.
Tatkiewicz, R. (w druku). Wplyw izolacji na samoocene. Czasopismo Psychologiczne, 20.
Szafraniec, K. (red.). (2011). Mlodzi 2001. Warszawa: Kancelaria Rady Ministrow.

In the case of writing in English and quoting in Polish, an English translation of the title in should be provided in square brackets.

Description of electronic sources:
Surname , (year) The title of the article, the title of the periodical, volume (no), pages, obtained from: (the www website) donwloaded on 20.12.2014

How to provide citations:
One author: (Sztompka, 2002, s. 11).
Two authors: (Januszek, Sikora, 2008).
More than two authors: (Szacka, Sztompka, Turner, 2002).
Re-citation of more than two authors: (Sztompka et al 2002).
Citation of different authors in one bracket: (Berger, 2010; Sztompka, 2002)
Citation of multiple publications of one author: (Giddens, 2007a, 2007b).
Following the citation of another author: (Turner 2002, after: Szacka, 2005)

Information about the author(s) to be provided:

Name and surname, title, position, place of work, range of academic interests, contact details (e-mail address, phone number)

All information about the author(s) should be given both in the language of the article and in English.